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Introducing Zithranol® Shampoo

For many individuals with mild-to-moderate scalp psoriasis, finding an effective, safe, and convenient treatment has not been easy. Until now.

Zithranol Shampoo is the first, steroid-free prescription therapy that is specially formulated to effectively treat scalp psoriasis.1 It combines the latest technology in microencapsulation and cosurfactant emollients to deliver anthralin — an effective treatment that's been used for more than 100 years to treat psoriasis — directly to the affected site.1,2

In fact, in a recent scalp psoriasis study, patients who used Zithranol Shampoo alone demonstrated significant improvement in scalp psoriasis.3

Scalp Psoriasis Study (Unretouched Photos)3

For more information about this study, click here.


Appearance before using
Zithranol Shampoo


Results at week 4 of using
Zithranol Shampoo alone