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Using Zithranol® Shampoo Clears Scalp Psoriasis Within Two Weeks4

In a four-week scalp psoriasis study, adults with mild-to-moderate scalp psoriasis were selected and initiated a two-week “washout” period of other psoriasis products prior to using Zithranol Shampoo as monotherapy.

Study results demonstrated significant improvement in patients using Zithranol Shampoo.3

            Appearance before using
                  Zithranol Shampoo
Results at week 2 of using
Zithranol Shampoo alone
            Appearance before using
          Zithranol Shampoo
Results at week 4 of using
Zithranol Shampoo alone

Zithranol® Shampoo A Quick and Effective Treatment1

Zithranol Shampoo incorporates the effectiveness of anthralin — long known to be successful in treating plaque psoriasis — with unique cosurfactant emollients to treat mild-to-moderate scalp psoriasis while moisturizing the scalp.

Unlike other products Zithranol Shampoo can be used safely by itself or in combination with other psoriasis products without any of the long-term side effects commonly found in topical steroids.1

Formulated for Success

Zithranol Shampoo is the first steroid-free prescription shampoo that begins working within three minutes to reduce the irritation, itching, and dryness linked with mild-to-moderate scalp psoriasis.

The Zithranol Shampoo Difference

Long-Term Side Effect Profile

When used three to four times a week — either by itself or in combination with other products — Zithranol Shampoo has been shown to help people achieve remission from scalp psoriasis quickly and for a longer time period.

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